Annual reviews

Solihull EHCP annual review process for educational settings

  1. START team send a termly reminder to school with list of annual reviews due the next term (this includes children on roll that are receiving tuition in the home).
  2. School: review reports available and arrange for updates from specialists where these are necessary (at least 2-3 months in advance of annual review due date). This includes educational, health and social care as required.
  3. School: arrange AR dates with family, officer of LA, health care professionals, social care and other professionals involved and notify START (at least 2 weeks before the annual review date. We recommend this is done at least 6-8 weeks before).
    In the case of emergency annual reviews, at least 2 weeks notice must still be given to family, professionals and the START team. If school commission Community Educational Psychology Service (CEPS) support, school must also discuss annual review with link EP.
    Out of borough placements: if evidence of little/no progress or concerns regarding provision START will request CEPS involvement.
  4. In case of change of placement request or significant change in need/provision: START will commission CEPS for assessment and attendance at review.
  5. School: all new reports collated and circulated to all those invited before the AR meeting and formal invitations sent out (at least 2 weeks before).
  6. Annual review meeting held. Date scheduled for next annual review.
  7. Annual review paperwork submitted to START and sent to all those who were invited to attend (within 3 weeks of the meeting).
  8. START: parents informed about the decision to cease, amend or keep the EHCP as it is (maintain) (up to 4 weeks after paperwork submission).
  9. START: if amendment agreed, draft EHCP is sent to parents/carers and educational setting.
  10. Parents have 15 working days to consider and respond.
  11. Final amendments agreed, final amended EHP issued (within 8 weeks of sending out the proposed amended EHCP)