Hosting guidance

This information is provided for the assistance and guidance of the organiser in order that proper arrangements may be made for the visit of the Civic Head (i.e. Mayor, Mayoress, Consort, Deputy Mayor, Deputy Mayoress, Deputy Mayor’s Consort or Mayor’s Deputy).

The Mayor is the first citizen in the Borough and has precedence in all places in the area except when the Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands County is present in his official capacity representing the Crown, or when a Member of the Royal Family is in attendance.


The Mayor should be met at the entrance before the commencement of the function, unless you invite them to a preliminary reception etc. The Mayor should be escorted throughout the time they are with you and the chauffeur will return 10 to15 minutes prior to the conclusion time you have given. It is of course important that your timetable is adhered to.


At a luncheon or dinner, it is customary for the Mayor to be seated on the immediate right of the Chairman or person presiding. The Mayoress or Consort should be seated on the Mayor’s immediate right or on the left of the Chairman. Where the Mayoress or Consort attends alone, they should be seated as for the Mayor.

When the Mayor is attending a performance at the Library Theatre, it would be appreciated if the host could liaise with the theatre manager, before allocating seats.


If your toast list includes a toast to the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull, this should be the first after the Queen and the Mayor will respond to this toast.


  • when you are referring to the Mayor or introducing the Mayor formally, it is usual to say “The Worshipful The Mayor of Solihull, Councill…”
  • the Mayoress should be described as “The Mayoress of Solihull, Mrs/Miss...”
  • the Mayor’s Consort should be described as “The Mayor’s Consort, Mr/Mrs/Miss ..”
  • in conversation the Mayor is addressed as “Mr Mayor” or “Madam Mayor” depending on gender, and the Mayoress as “Madam Mayoress”. The Mayor’s Consort as “Mr/Mrs/Miss ..”
  • when you are referring to the Deputy Mayor or introducing the Deputy Mayor formally, it is usual to say “The Deputy Mayor of Solihull, Councillor .., and the Deputy Mayoress, Mrs/Miss…”
  • the Deputy Mayor’s Consort as “The Deputy Mayor’s Consort, Mr/Mrs/Miss…”
  • in conversation the Deputy Mayor is addressed as “Mr or Madam Deputy Mayor” depending on gender, and the Deputy Mayoress as “Madam Deputy Mayoress”
  • the Deputy Mayor’s Consort as “Mr/Mrs/Miss …”