Say it with TREES


Local residents Ann and Malcolm Turner have celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary by planting a cherry tree on a village green in Shirley. They decided to support the Council’s plans to plant 250,000 trees in ten years by buying a Celebration Tree from the Planting Our Future team and creating a lasting focal point in their area.

The couple’s family moved from Birmingham to Shirley 100 years ago – making it a double celebration - and they are well known in the area for their work on Shirley’s history.

Cllr Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council, said: “Meeting our carbon net zero target and helping to combat climate change is central to the Council’s work but we need the support of local residents, businesses, schools and voluntary groups to achieve this.

“Planting trees is a key part of this work. Not only do they capture carbon, but they help prevent flooding, reduce city heat, reduce pollution and improve air quality. They also provide homes for wildlife and add beauty to our urban landscapes.

“Our award-winning Planting Our Future team is on target to plant 250,000 trees in the borough and have worked with hundreds of local residents, businesses, schools, colleges and voluntary groups to locate and plant new areas. I think their latest initiative to encourage people to ‘say it with trees’ is a great idea. I hope people will follow Ann and Malcolm’s example and celebrate a special occasion by sponsoring a tree.”

To find out how you can sponsor a Celebration Tree to mark a special occasion, remember a loved one or support your local environment, contact the Planting Our Future team at: