Solihull Council publishes its bold new Economic Strategy for the borough


A bold new economic strategy for the borough has been taken forward by Solihull Council, setting out its ambitions and priorities for the next ten years.

The new strategy has been developed by the Council in conjunction with key partners and local stakeholders, and looks at how continued and improved economic growth across Solihull can be delivered. Alongside and underpinning this focus on economic growth is a commitment to ensuring:

  • All Solihull communities can participate and benefit
  • We achieve our sustainability ambitions for the borough
  • We create thriving places which become centres of our communities and support local people

Work has been led by the Council’s Sustainable Growth team, who have listened to a wide range of views and held workshops with key stakeholders from across all sectors of the economy, including business, government, education, and industry. A 6-week public consultation was also undertaken earlier in the year involving stakeholders, businesses, and residents from across Solihull.

To accompany the new strategy, a Delivery Plan has also been produced, which sets out the practical steps that will need to be taken to achieve the aims identified within the strategy. This document provides a phased plan for the Council and its partners to follow, with a specific focus on the first three years.

Both documents have been designed to sit alongside, and complement, other key Council strategies such as the Draft Local Plan, Solihull’s ambitious Net Zero Action Plan and Solihull Connected (the Council’s recently updated transport strategy).

Cllr Ian Courts, Leader of Solihull Council and Portfolio Holder for the Economy, said:

“Our new ‘Solihull Economic Strategy’ confidently sets out our ambitions and priorities for the next ten years. Working with partners, our vision is to create the UK’s best-connected economy – for business, for people, forever.

“Solihull drives the West Midlands’ economy, and the significance of this role is only set to increase over the next decade with the arrival of the HS2 Interchange station and further investment planned around the borough. Our economy already supports more than 151,000 jobs and generates output worth over £9.32bn following sustained growth over the last decade.

“However, we know our borough also faces challenges. Whilst we have succeeded in creating jobs, some of our people struggle to access them – and this mismatch is something we must address. It’s also essential we uphold our commitments to tackling climate change and safeguarding our environment while pursuing economic growth. Our new economic strategy seeks to address these challenges and maximise future opportunities coming to Solihull.

“The ambitions, priorities and actions set out in our new Strategy and Delivery Plan provide an exciting, fair and achievable road-map for continued borough-wide economic growth over the next decade.”

You can view the new Solihull Economic Strategy and accompanying Delivery Plan on the Council’s website here: