Solihull Economic Strategy 2023-32

Our new ‘Solihull Economic Strategy’ sets out our ambition and economic priorities for the next ten years. Working with partners we want to achieve our vision to create the UK’s best-connected economy - for business, for people, forever.

This key strategy looks to deliver further and better economic growth within Solihull, whilst ensuring:

  • all our communities can participate and benefit
  • we achieve our net-zero aspirations for the borough
  • we create thriving places which become centres of our communities and support local people

To accompany the new strategy, we have also developed a Delivery Plan, which sets out the practical steps that we will be taking to achieve the aims identified in our strategy. This document provides a phased plan for the Council and its partners to follow, with a focus on the first three years.

The actions within the Delivery Plan complement existing activity already taking place within the borough; and they build on work already being undertaken through other key strategies (including the Net Zero Action Plan, Solihull Connected, Draft Local Plan and WMCA Plan for Growth).

Solihull Economic Strategy

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Delivery plan

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