Parking in a restricted area

There are occasions when Traffic Regulation Orders prevent all day parking in residential areas. To allow for works to be carried out we can in some circumstances issue a dispensation.

This is a temporary permit that allows a vehicle to park in certain restricted areas. For example, where single or double yellow lines are present.

Prior to issuing a dispensation the parking team will consider the following:

  • location
  • restrictions
  • time (peak traffic times)
  • duration
  • purpose
  • suitable alternative parking

Applications to park in disabled bays or on school keep clear areas will not be considered.

When should a dispensation be applied for?

An application should be made at least 2 working days before the start of works, this enables us to check your application and, if necessary, inspect the site before approval is provided.

How to apply

Applications for up to 5 days

To apply please call Parking Services on 0121 704 6111.

Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.00pm.

There is no charge for work that takes 5 days or less.

If the work continues after 5 days, you will need to pay for the whole duration of the works (Including the initial 5 days).

Applications for over 5 days

Apply for an over 5 day dispensation permit

There is a charge of £11.50 per week, per vehicle, for work expected to be over 5 days.

We can only issue a dispensation for up to 90 working days.

For help with applying for dispensation permits 

Please see the user guide.

Terms and Conditions

Please see the terms and conditions.