'Going Electric' - Solihull's Electric Vehicle Strategy

Solihull’s Electric Vehicle Strategy has been developed with the central aim of ensuring that when any existing petrol or diesel powered vehicle owned or operated in the borough is sold or scrapped, it is replaced with an electric vehicle, leading to reductions in carbon emissions and improvements in air quality.

The strategy seeks to address current barriers while supporting the widespread transition to electric vehicles, which is now rapidly accelerating following international, national, regional and borough wide climate commitments.

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Key Objectives

  • Reliable, convenient and affordable charging in the borough
  • Awareness of the benefits and availability of services
  • Engagement to understand and address challenges and concerns
  • Council leading the way


  • Clean air
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Sustainable economic growth

Solihull’s Electric Vehicle Strategy sets out a clear roadmap towards achieving these outcomes by focussing on expanding charging infrastructure, and putting electric vehicles at the centre of future planning, parking and public transport decisions. It also looks at how we will promote electric vehicles through our advocacy and outreach and incorporate them into the Council’s own operations and resources.

The strategy forms part of the Council’s wider UK Central Solihull programme, delivering key infrastructure projects to support sustainable and inclusive growth across the borough and to complement the investment stimulated by the connectivity associated with the forthcoming HS2 Interchange Station.


We want to engage both residents and businesses in how we can help support a move towards electric vehicles. Please take the time to complete the appropriate survey. Your answers will help us best target our efforts.

EV Survey: Resident

EV Survey: Business

Got a question?

Please email goingelectric@solihull.gov.uk and one of the team will get back to you.