Libby FAQ

If you want to read eMagazines and need help with Libby, our FAQs can help. 

Yes, older versions are not compatible.

Libby’s minimum iOS version is now iOS 10. To use Libby on an iOS device, users are required to update their device’s operating system to iOS 10 or newer.

For Android devices, 4.4 or later. For Windows laptops, Windows 10.

From 15 April 2024 the earliest supported version of Android will be 7.1.1

You can often upgrade the software free. You can also use if the browser on your device is sufficiently up to date, this is identical to the Libby app.

Basic Kindles will only work with Amazon-purchased titles.
Libby for Kindle Fires is now available (June 2023) from the Amazon Appstore

You can also use on the browser, this is identical to the Libby app

Yes, if they are able to contact the Internet and download software – see the Setting up your Libby account instructions.

Yes, you can register multiple library cards on Libby, though the range of eMagazines is the same. Some other libraries have their eBooks and eAudio books through Libby.

Nearly 4000 emagazine titles are available in multiple languages, with 3 years of back issues. There are over 350 UK published titles including most popular titles, there is a separate list for these on the Libby app.

Also included are many other English language titles, and even Bookazines, short single issue titles.

No. You can borrow as many titles and issues as you want. There is also no limit on the number of renewals or how many people borrow a particular issue, there is no queue.

You won’t have an account but will use your library card number and PIN to login.

If your email address is in your library record, you can reset your PIN anytime via the library catalogue . If this doesn’t work or you don’t think it is email and we can add your email address to your record.

Overdrive/Libby will link to our library membership database so if it doesn’t work your library card may have expired, we renew them every 2 years. Contact us on with your name and current address as confirmation and we will renew your card, this does not take long.

Yes, these last for 2 years from joining.

Most of the time, tablets and other devices will store the login details if you choose to, so no.

Libby works with most screen readers, and text size can be changed as is normal on reading apps. In addition there is an option to include accessibility sizes for a wider range of text sizes, a dyslexic font, and the ability to adjust lighting so a sepia or dark background can be included.

You may find references to transferring titles to normal Amazon Kindles but this is only available in the USA.

If you have an Adobe-compatible ereader (like a Kobo), you can download Libby titles on a computer, then use Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to transfer them to your device:

  • 1. On a computer, go to in your browser. Add your library and card, if needed.
  • 2. Go to Shelf > Loans, then select Read With... Note: If you have a reading preference set, tap Manage Loan to access the Read With... option.
  • 3. Click Send To Another Device.
  • 4. Click select your device, then choose Adobe-compatible ereader.
  • 5. Select Download DRM File.
  • 6. Open the file in ADE and transfer the title to your ereader

You can set up Tags to notify you of new issues as they appear. The notifications will also tell you when a title is due to be returned or renewed – there is no limit on renewals if you haven’t finished the emagazine. See instructions for Using Tags.