Setting up your Libby account

How to set up your Libby account to access emagazines

You can set up your Libby account using:

  • the Libby app
  • your ereader
  • your laptop or PC
  1. Download and install the 'Libby, by OverDrive' app from the App StoreGoogle Play Store or Windows Store
  2. When the download is complete, press 'Open'
  3. When the Libby app opens, press the green/blue button that says 'Hi!'
  4. A new page will appear. Scroll to the end of the page and select 'Find My Library'
  5. The app will then try and find your local library service - this takes a few moments. When the app has located a local library service it will ask you at the top of the screen 'Is this your local library?'. At the bottom of the screen you will have an option to select 'Yes' or 'No'
  6. If it has located Solihull Libraries, press 'Yes'. If it has located a different library service, press 'No'
  7. If you have pressed 'No', a new screen will ask you if you want to search for your library service. Select this option
  8. Type 'Solihull' in the box
  9. The app will automatically bring up matching libraries. Select the first option shown, 'Solihull Libraries'. You now have access to the new Libby OverDrive app.


Please contact if this does not work.

To login with your Solihull library card or number

Enter the library card or number with SLP, WP or H at the start as appropriate, with no spaces and include any x at the end Enter your PIN - this will always be 4 digits A library card should now show in the app and you should not need to login each time>

You will need a Kobo or Nook or other account, depending on which eReader you have.

Some eReaders have Overdrive available on the device. Simply open Overdrive and enter your card details.

If your eReader doesn’t have Overdrive on it:

  1. plug your eReader into your computer
  2. install the Adobe Digital Editions program on your computer
  3. go to the OverDrive website and download an eBook to your PC. The file name will end ‘.acsm’
  4. find the eBook you’ve downloaded on your computer
  5. open the eBook in Adobe Digital Editions
  6. the first time you do this Adobe Digital Editions will prompt you to enter your Adobe account details. If you don’t have an Adobe account, follow the link to set one up
  7. enter your Adobe account details
  8. your eReader will appear under the ‘Device’ heading. Drag and drop your eBook to copy it on to your eReader
  1. you can also use the web version of Libby which looks identical to the version found on tablets and phones - see the Libby instructions for ebooks and eaudiobooks
  2. enter your library card number with any letters and without spaces, and 4 digit PIN then click ‘Sign in’
  3. Solihull Libraries OverDrive service will now be available to use