eBooks and eAudiobooks FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions - more will be added as questions arise.

Common questions about our eBook and eAudio book service.

Your checked-out titles are displayed under the 3-lined menu, in the section Checked Out.

Yes, if no other customer has reserved it. Go to your list of Checked Out items from the RBDigital app/webpage 3-lined menu, and click on the titles you want to renew using the Renew button.

Please keep in mind the renew time will not be added to the checkout time, its best to renew just before the title expires to get the maximum time.

Yes, there is a Return button next to the Renew button.

Yes - if the book is on loan, only a Hold button will show, not Checkout. Click on this and your hold will be placed - it will also show your position in the queue.

Holds can be cancelled by you in the My Account section of the RBDigital app/webpage.

You will need to make sure you have the up to date version of Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Download a book to your PC or Mac
  • Click Open on URLLink.acsm to download and open the ebook into Adobe Digital Editions – this will download the book into Reading View
  • Click on Library in the top left corner of ADE
  • Connect your Kobo to your computer with the USB cable
  • The name Kobo eReader will appear on the left side of ADE under Devices
  • Click and drag the ebook cover to Kobo ereader and release
  • This then copies the book to the Kobo, and it should be listed on your device

Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer all titles to a Kobo ereader. If the title is shown as Protected on the RBDigital page then transfer will not be possible, the title could be read via the RBDigital website or using the RBDigital app.

Not to a standard Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite, but the RBDigital app is available for the Kindle Fire and can be downloaded without raising issues with the Kindle Fire’s security settings.

Yes, you can download the same borrowed item on multiple devices.

Only a small percentage of printed physical books are available as an eBook. There are also some UK Publishers who do not allow their eBook titles to be loaned by libraries. The number of e-titles for loan is increasing all the time, however, so please check the Service frequently for new titles added.

If you can download the RBDigital app, Adobe Digital Editions or RBDigital Media Manager, then you can download directly.

The eBook library model works in the same way as the library loans model. A book, regardless of its format, can only be borrowed by one user at any one time. However, we keep a close eye on waiting lists and will try to respond to demand by purchasing additional copies wherever possible, although this can never be guaranteed because of budget restrictions.

Yes, though you will get much more if you make your membership permanent!

Yes, under the My Profile section of the RBDigital webpage – not the app, however. If you have problems with your username or password contact 247library@solihull.gov.uk.

When you have opened an eBook, go to Settings in the My Account page (on the menu on the left hand side of the screen). From here you can change page layout, text size settings and colour themes.

If you want a larger text size, many free Screen Magnifier apps are available for tablets, and the Windows Ease of Access Centre for PCs also includes a free Screen Magnifier (Windows 7 and later).

You need to make sure your tablet has the latest version of the RBDigital app and as late a version of the tablet operating system as possible.

Our supplier advises:

If you are using the RBdigital app:

Over time, Google stops supporting older versions of the Android Operating System (OS) and means the device will no longer receive OS updates. This can then cause the RBdigital app to stop functioning correctly.

Unfortunately Google’s support policy is out of our control, so all we can recommend is to use a newer Android device or an Apple device if you are able to.

If you are accessing RBdigital through a browser:

Please check what Android operating system (OS) version you have on your device - this will likely be in Settings under Software information.

If the Android version is lower than 4.4.1, you will not be able to access RBdigital through your device browser. We have switched to https secure web protocol to ensure the ongoing security of customer data and unfortunately Android OS versions lower than 4.4 do not support this.

If you are unable to update to a higher OS version, all we can recommend is to use a newer Android device or an Apple device if you are able to.

Once a hold appears, check in My Account and then Holds – the item won’t be checked out downloaded but will appear in your Checked Out items once it is

If you want to bookmark a page or chapter to come back to, click on the yellow tag at the right of the page. This will extend in length to show you have clicked it. To get to your bookmarks, go to the RBDigital app/webpage 3-lined menu and the second tab along from there will be headed Bookmarks