A to Z of parks in Solihull

The borough's parks are for everyone to enjoy and everyone to get involved with. To help keep the open spaces of Solihull clean and safe for us all to visit, it is important that we all:

  • dispose of litter in the bins provided or recycle at home
  • close gates behind us
  • respect other park users
  • observe signs and markings
  • use paths where possible
  • respect flowers and wildlife

Parks A to Z

This handy A-Z provides you with some further information about Solihull’s parks and open spaces.

Allotment gardening provides huge benefits to the green-fingered as well as the local community. There are over 20 allotment sites across the borough providing a great way to grow your own food, get fit and stay healthy, it also helps local wildlife flourish. 

The Armed Forces Garden is located in Hillfield Park and was developed to benefit veterans and their family members, local schools and other members of the community.

The garden provides a peaceful sanctuary for remembrance and reflection as well as a place to help people overcome isolation, acting as a welcoming place to meet up and interact with others.

The concept behind the garden was one of ‘healing habitats’. It is an eco-therapy project which comprises a series of therapeutic natural habitats for people to explore. These habitats aim to improve bio-diversity and provide opportunities to improve and maintain the wellbeing of the armed forces community through nature-based activities.

The garden is divided into three zones, with each area having its own feel and purpose:

  1. a community wildlife garden, providing a valuable meeting place for people.
  2. a summer meadow and community orchard.
  3. a newly planted community woodland which follows the Royal British Legion’s ‘Battle Back’ principles to create opportunities for active recovery.

This project has been supported by the Royal British Legion, local veterans and serving personnel, army medical teams and local community groups.

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BBQ’s and fires are not permitted within any of Solihull’s Parks and Open Spaces as they can scorch the grass and damage the environment, especially when they are left unattended.

There are many bins located within Solihull parks, visitors are asked to use these responsibly. If you come across a bin that is full then please either use an alternative bin or take your litter home.

Let us know about an overflowing bin

Dog waste can be disposed of in both dog bins and standard litter bins - any bin will do.

Please be respectful of all park users and follow signage where provided. Cyclists should slow down when necessary and let people walking know they are there (for example, by ringing your bell or letting the people in front of you know you're about to pass), although being mindful that people walking may be deaf, blind or partially sighted.

Many footpaths do not have separate cycle lanes to encourage consideration and awareness of others.

Motorised bikes, scooters, quad bikes and other off-road vehicles are not permitted within Solihull’s parks and green spaces.

We welcome responsible dog owners to our parks in Solihull. 

Parks are a great place to have fun and exercise your pet. Dog owners have an important role to play in helping to keep our parks clean and safe for everyone to enjoy by:

  • maintaining control of your dog at all times
  • always removing dog waste and placing it in a bin (any bin will do)
  • using short leads near play areas, waterfowl and wildlife
  • teaching your dog to come back when called
  • ensuring your dog is microchipped and has a collar with an ID tag
  • making sure your pet is never a nuisance to others

Dog waste can be disposed of in both dog bins and litter bins.

Let us know about an overflowing bin

Please follow the guidance and regulations provided by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

If you have any concerns about an unmanned aircraft being used in your area, either from a safety or privacy perspective, contact the police on 101.

Many people enjoy feeding ducks at their local park, but please be aware that too much bread can be damaging to a bird’s health. It’s like us eating too much chocolate and too many biscuits. Here are a few other more healthy options you can feed ducks:

  • cut seedless grapes
  • bird seed
  • peas
  • corn
  • oats
  • chopped lettuce

Please do not leave large amounts of food out for ducks or other wildlife as it can pollute water and encourage rats.

Avian Influenza

The UK Health Security Agency has said that the risk to the public from the current bird flu strain is very low. It mainly affects birds.

Do not touch or move any dead or sick wild birds, find out how to report them.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water if you touch wild bird faeces or feathers. For more advice go to the NHS website.

Report a dead animal on public land

To find out about events happening in your local park please visit the Solihull Events page.

Our organising events page explains how you can hold an event in one of our parks.

Many of Solihull’s parks have football pitches that are available to hire.

Make a pitch booking enquiry

All teams that hire a pitch are expected to clear any litter left at the end of the match.

If you would like to play an active role in supporting the management of your local park then why not join the ‘Friends’ group? If your local park doesn't have a friends groups why not create one?

The Love Solihull website can help you:

Fishing is only permitted at Babb’s Mill Local Nature Reserve, however you will need a rod licence to do so. You can get a rod licence at GOV.UK.

To report illegal fishing in lakes or rivers in parks please contact the Environment Agency.

All fitness sessions in our parks and green spaces must be registered with the council. To apply, or find out more, please contact the Events team at events@solihull.gov.uk.

We do not support the placement of geocaches within our parks and open spaces as we are unable to review this activity to ensure the safety of park users, neighbouring residents as well as the environment.

We have a number of grazing sites that are let by competitive tender and advertised in the local press.

You can currently apply for grazing at: Hob Lane, Balsall Common. For enquiries please contact the letting agent Alys Routley at:

If you would like to support the maintenance of your local park or neighbourhood then you may want to consider joining the Love Solihull Community Litter Picking Initiative

The Love Solihull initiative enables you to register for your own equipment and can put you in touch with other local litter picking volunteer groups.

There are 23 Local Nature Reserves in Solihull providing a haven for wildlife and offering a space to relax in Solihull. 

Metal detecting is not permitted in any of Solihull’s parks and green spaces.

It is an offence to ride an off-road vehicle in Solihull’s parks and green spaces.

If you witness an off-road vehicle being driven illegally then please report this, providing as much detail as possible:

Before trading in a park or green space you will require permission from Solihull Council.

Find out more about Street trading.

Find ping pong tables in green spaces across Solihull! To join in the fun, simply head for a table and play, it’s absolutely free.

Find your local PING! Solihull tables.