Your duty to dispose of waste responsibly

As a resident of Solihull you have a legal duty of care to make sure that your waste is only collected by a registered waste carrier.

How can I help stop illegal collections?

Unlicensed carriers may be tempted to illegally fly-tip your waste to avoid the charges for proper disposal. If fly tipped waste is tracked back to you could face a fine of up to £5,000.

If your waste is not collected by us or Solihull Community Housing you should always carry out the following checks:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – is someone illegally dumps your waste it becomes your responsibility, you can reduce the risk of this happening by asking what will happen to the items they collect or evidence it will be legally disposed of
  • Ask for details of their waste carrier registration – you can check someone is registered by searching the Environment Agency's public register of waste carriers or calling 03708 506 506
  • Record their vehicle registration number
  • Ask for a proper invoice and receipt
  • Never accept offers from someone who knocks your door and offers to take your waste. Get more than one quote and expect to pay a reasonable fee an unusually low quote, or even an offer to collect your items for free is very suspicious

Scrap metal dealers

Scrap metals dealers who collect from Solihull should be licensed. Before letting a scrap metal dealer take your items please check that they have their license on them.

If they do not have a license it is worth considering if its more reliable to get rid of your items by booking a bulky waste collection or visiting our household waste recycling centre.

While it may seem easier to put items such as a fridge out for collection by a scrap metal dealer, some dealers may only strip the metal from your fridge and dump the rest. 

If this happens you are ultimately responsible so please make sure to only use licensed scrap metal dealers.