Care after leaving hospital (being discharged)

Adult Social Care works closely with hospital staff to make the arrangements for you, or your family member, to leave hospital (be discharged) promptly and safely. It is always our priority to discharge you to the best possible place to support your recovery. In most cases this will be to your home.

Who is involved?

Hospital staff will discuss your needs and discharge arrangements with you and your family if you would like them to be involved. It is helpful to include relatives and friends in the conversation so staff can include the support from family and friends in the discharge arrangements.

It’s much better for your physical and mental wellbeing to leave as soon as you no longer need care in hospital. Every extra day in hospital adds risks of infection and decline in your ability to carry out everyday tasks.

We will arrange the care services you need to return home safely and confidently. We work closely with other health and care professionals and voluntary services to ensure that your ongoing health care needs are also met when you leave hospital, and your independence continues to be promoted.

How long will I receive the service for?

All services arranged to support you home from hospital are considered short-term and long-term assessments will take place once you have left hospital.

Short-term services can be from one day up to a maximum of six weeks, with most people receiving two to three weeks’ care.

All short-term services that are needed, above any care that was in place prior to your hospital admission, are free of charge until we have completed the necessary assessments.

Once the assessments have been completed you will need to contribute towards your care. We will advise you of the costs and when charging will start. 

If your needs are more complex, or for other reasons you are not able to be discharged back home, then the NHS or the Council will arrange a temporary bed for you in the community eg nursing home. 

What if I need longer term care?

Your long-term assessment will take place while you are in the care home and our aim will be for you to go home, with support if needed. If this is not possible, we will talk to you, and your family should you wish them to be involved, about other long-term options.  These include:

We can also help you to arrange care at home. If you want to arrange this yourself, the NHS provides advice about how to arrange your own care.

Support for carers

If you are supporting a close relative or friend who has recently been in hospital and you think you will be looking after them when they are discharged, we can offer you a carer’s assessment

If you want this assessment to start before your relative or friend is discharged, please contact our Hospital Team as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, we will undertake your carer’s assessment at the same time as other long-term assessments for the person you care for.