Extra care housing

Extra care housing offers a way of supporting people to live independently for as long as possible. It gives people the privacy and security of their own home with their own front door.

Extra care housing combines purpose-built, self-contained accommodation (one or two bedrooms) with onsite care and support services. 

Facilities onsite vary and can include communal lounge areas, restaurant, garden areas, hairdresser and gym.  

Extra care housing is principally for people aged 55 and over who have social care and support needs. However, applications for people under 55 with a disability will be considered by most schemes.

In some circumstances two bedroom apartments can offer couples, where one person has high care needs that would normally require admission to residential care, the option to remain living together.  Two bedroom apartments can also offer an option to older parents living with younger adults who have a learning disability and/or physical disability.

Why choose extra care housing

It provides ready-made communities where people can develop new friendships, together with:

  • a range of facilities on the premises
  • access to onsite care staff up to 24 hours a day in case of emergencies
  • an onsite care team who deliver support, as set out in your care plan

Properties are available either on a private purchase, via a shared ownership arrangement, or rental basis. For rental applications a referral will need to be made to Adult Social Care to undertake a social care assessment.

How much does extra care cost?

The cost is split into three areas:

  • Housing - the cost of renting, buying or shared ownership of your home
  • Service charge - this covers home maintenance, communal facilities, support and some utility costs
  • Individual care costs - depending on the level of care required

People on low incomes may be eligible for housing benefit towards the cost of rent and some elements of service charges.

If you are assessed as having an eligible care or support need by Solihull Council, a means tested financial assessment will determine if you need to contribute towards the cost of your care and support.

Finding the right extra care housing

This quick guide gives an overview of the schemes, showing the number of apartments, facilities etc.

Extra care housing quick reference guide

In Solihull there are 6 extra care schemes. These are located at:

Further information

To find out more about extra care housing, please talk to our Community Advice Hubs or contact the individual scheme to arrange a viewing.

If you are considering a rental application or if you are likely to require financial support with your care, you will need a social care assessment to support your application. Please contact us for more information: