Moving into a care home - common questions

As moving to a care home is a big decision, here are the answers to common questions we are asked. 

These answers include information if you:

  • are paying the full cost of your care (also known as being a self funder)
  • receive support from the Council to pay for your care

We understand that moving to a care home is a big decision and it can cost a lot of money. Before deciding, either for yourself or for a family member or friend, it is worth considering all your options. A Care Act assessment can help you to do this. The purpose of the assessment is to give us a full picture of your needs and will help us support you to identify what level of care and support you require, considering all the available options. 

Our tips on choosing residential or nursing care page is a good place to start and can help you choose the right home for you.

The support provided at a care home depends on if it’s a:

Our paying for care page tells you if you will need to pay for your care and support.

If you decide to move to a care home, it is important that you ask about how much it will cost as this can vary quite significantly between different care homes. 

Social care services are chargeable

You will have a:

You are welcome to choose whichever care home you wish, however it is important to consider this decision carefully.

You should read the most recent inspection report for the home on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website or ask the home for a copy of their last inspection report. The cost of care homes can vary significantly and it is important you understand the amount you will have to pay and that you consider how long you will be able to afford to pay for the cost of your stay.

We may be able to help if your savings run out.

There are ways you can make up the cost of your care, such as:

If you're worried about how you will pay for your care, you should contact us to discuss your circumstances so that a social worker can complete an assessment and work with you.

To get in touch:

You should contact us to discuss your circumstances so that a social worker can complete an assessment and work with you.

To get in touch:

Your home will not be included in our assessment if:

  • you will be receiving care and support at home
  • you are only planning on a short stay at a care home
  • certain people will still be living in your home after you move out

Our paying for care page explains this in more detail.

You may be eligible for benefits, for example, Attendance Allowance or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which aren't means-tested.

The Government is changing the way people in England pay for their care.

Read more about this on the government website.

Some people with ongoing significant health needs can get their care paid for through NHS continuing healthcare.

People who have nursing care needs but are not eligible for continuing healthcare funding may be eligible for NHS funded nursing care.