Business rates reductions

There are several business rate reductions (reliefs) that you may be eligible for.

For free information or advice contact the team on 0121 704 8173.

Transitional Relief and Supporting Small Business

Upwards Transitional Relief will support properties by capping billing increases caused by changes in rateable values at the 2023 revaluation. The ‘upward caps’ will be 5%, 15% and 30% respectively for small, medium and large properties in 2023/24, and will be applied before any other reliefs or supplements.

For 2023/24 there is no Downwards Transitional Surcharge.

Bill increases for small businesses losing eligibility or seeing reductions in Small Business Rate Relief as a result of the 2023 revaluation will be capped at £600 for 2023/24. This means that no small business that loses eligibility to Small Business Rates Relief will see a bill increase of more than £50 per month in the 2023/24 financial year.

Details of the relief to be provided to eligible ratepayers will be shown on their bills for the 2023/24 financial year.

Unoccupied properties

In general, there will be no business rates to pay for the first 3 months a property is empty.

Industrial buildings will not have to pay for the first 6 months a property is empty.

After the free period ends, the full amount becomes payable. Please note that the period begins from when the property became empty, and is unaffected by a change of ratepayer.

Listed buildings and small properties (those with a rateable value of less than £2,900) pay no business rates until they are reoccupied.

Partly occupied property relief

A ratepayer is liable for full business rates whether a property is wholly occupied or only partly occupied. However, where a property is partly occupied for a short time we have discretion in certain cases to award relief in respect of the unoccupied part.

To apply you will need to supply us with:

  • a letter explaining the changes, including the date of when your property became or will become partly occupied
  • a floor plan that identifies the unoccupied area

Hardship relief

We may be able to provide hardship relief if you are experiencing hardship and your business is of importance to the local community.