My Solihull Map

With our My Solihull map you can find places to go, things to do and people to talk or listen to in your neighbourhood.

Our map includes:

  • Local charities
  • Community groups and organisations
  • Community meeting places
  • Places you can go for advice and support to help you find work, training or education

The groups, organisations and places included in the map and directory are not recommendations but provide opportunities for initial contact and introductions.

Using the map

View directory icon

To view information you’re interested in:

  • select the icon in the top left of the map to display the menu
  • you can then select the directory you want to see.

View larger map icon

To search for things in the map’s directories:

  • select the rectangular “view larger map” icon in the top right of the map.
  • this will open a new window.

Map directions icon

You can get directions via public transport, car, cycling and walking to points on the map by:

  • selecting the place on the map that you’re interested in
  • selecting the “directions” icon
  • this will open a new window

Share map icon

You can share the map with your friends and family by:

  • selecting the share icon
  • you can choose to share the map by social media or your email

The data has been provided by My Solihull Maps partners and though it is maintained and updated on a regular basis, may be affected by restrictions and changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

If there are records that are incorrect, missing or incomplete please email