Support for people being repatriated from Afghanistan

Solihull Council is working with organisations across the borough to help provide immediate support to those who are being repatriated from Afghanistan before they move to other parts of the UK.

We know that local people are keen to provide support and many have already come forward with generous offers of help. Working with our local voluntary sector, we have already secured many key essentials which have already been distributed. At this stage no further items are needed in Solihull, but if you would like to donate items to refugees there are more opportunities in the West Midlands and nationally that you can find out about at the How you can help refugees coming to the UK campaign at GOV.UK.


You can also help by donating to the following charities.

Local charities

National campaigns and charities


Property owners, organisations or companies can pledge offers of entire homes to help permanently resettle Afghan nationals and families.

Offer housing support at GOV.UK

Further information

If you need further information about the national response, people can visit: