My Solihull Map

With our My Solihull map you can find places to go, things to do and people to support you in your neighbourhood within Solihull.

Our map includes:

Community organisations and activities

You can find a list of community organisations classified by activity type provided:

Sports and physical activities   

(as provided by Solihull Active)

Local charities (at their registered charity address)*

*not at the location where the charity’s activities may take place

Faith Groups

Employment and training support

West Midlands local policing

Exploitation Reduction support

Bleed kits locations in Solihull* 

*(not to be used in an emergency)

The groups, organisations and places included in the map and directory are not recommendations but provide opportunities for initial contact and introductions.

How to use our My Solihull Map

Our user guide provides help on the best way to use the map.

My Solihull view directory icon
  • open the directory list


My Solihull map share icon
  • allows you to share the map


View larger map icon
  • opens the map in full screen (Recommended as it allows you to use the Search function)


The best way to search the map, is by using post codes. You can check the lists provided above to identify the post code of the organisation you are looking for, and then search that post code area on the map—move to it and then click on the selected icon on the map to display all the related details [brief description, contact information, type and dates of services provided, …etc].

Useful websites

The My Solihull map isn’t a service directory. However, there are other useful websites that may help you find what you are looking for:

  • The Waiting Room - a free-to-access, online directory of hundreds of local health and well-being services available to communities in Birmingham and Solihull
  • Street Support Solihull - connecting people and organisations locally to tackle homelessness in Solihull
  • Visit Solihull - a webpage of all the exciting things and events that are going on in Solihull
  • NHS 111 online - an online service that can tell you where to get help for your symptoms and how to find general health information and advice
  • Family Information Service - a webpage where you can find the Family Information Service Directory (which allows you to search for activities and support services) and other resources such as information on HAF (Holiday Activities and Food), how to find childcare, and useful information for childcare providers
  • Here2Help - a webpage that guides you to the available support with your energy and water bills, food and other essential household items that you may be eligible to from local schemes that are funded by the Household Support Fund.

Directory records

The data has been provided by My Solihull maps’ partners and although it is maintained and updated on a regular basis, it may be affected by restrictions and changes.

If there are records that are incorrect, missing or incomplete please email

Data Protection

Your information may be shared with other Solihull Council services and partner organisations and is accessible to members of the public. We use your information to ensure our records are kept accurate and to help us to identify activities, opportunities or services that would be of interest to the residents of Solihull.

For further information about how we use your information please refer to our Privacy Statement for My Solihull Maps.