Health Information

Libraries are a great source for health and wellbeing information, with many books and leaflets to support you.

This includes the Reading Well schemes which are carefully selected self-help books on mental health conditions, and also dementia, available in all Solihull libraries.

Health Monitors

Health monitor at the Core Library

Check your blood pressure and your weight at the library. Free to use. Easy to use. You can get a print out of your details to take away. Monitors are available at The Core, Chelmsley Wood Library, Hobs Moat Library, and Shirley Library. There is lots of health information in the library collection or ask about the free NHS health checks for people 40 – 75 years of age.

Strong and Steady - Resistance Bands

Improve your strength and balance with simple exercises you can build into your daily routine. Free resistance bands and an exercise booklet are available for anyone over 50 - collect yours from any Solihull library or leisure centre. Find out more from Solihull on the Move.

Solihull on the Move can also help you to get moving and participating in activities and sports at every level,  

Key health websites

NHS The NHS main site - use this to locate local doctors, dentists, opticians, and pharmacies, and learn how to choose your hospital. There’s also a Health A-Z where you can search symptoms, conditions and treatments, and get self-help information.

Patient Comprehensive, free, up to date health information as provided by GPs to patients during consultations. You can also make, check and cancel doctors’ appointments through this site, with passwords from your local practice.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence An independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on providing good health.

Electronic Medicines Companion Information on thousands of licensed medicines in the UK; includes patient information leaflets, and links to leaflets in large print.

Health Advice for Travellers Advice on how to get medical treatment abroad and health information for travellers.

EasyHealth Simplified health information, including videos, for people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities

Official sites

Doctors Register The List of Registered Medical Practitioners, searchable by name

Dentists Register Register of dentists and other dental care professionals such as hygienists and dental nurses. 

Opticians Register   

Health Professions Register The register for other health professions, such as physiotherapists, dietitians, radiographers, occupational therapists, paramedics and more

Care Quality Commission Inspection reports on hospitals, health centres, dental practices and care homes.

NHS Birmingham and Solihull Integrated Care System From July 2022, the umbrella body for health services in Solihull

Solihull Council Health and Wellbeing information

Healthwatch Solihull Healthwatch is tasked with ensuring that the views and experiences of local people are heard by those who plan, run and regulate health and care services.

Checking the quality of health information

The Internet is vast, and can be added to by anyone on any topic and so some care should be taken when looking at health information.

Better searching

  • Be as specific as you can
  • Put inverted commas around a phrase to search for that phrase eg “diabetes type 2”
  • Put UK in the search to try and narrow down the search results to British ones

Once on a site -

Whose site is it?

  • Is it a trustworthy body that is well known and has a good reputation? 
  • Is it recommended by a doctor or other health professional or support/self-help group?
  • Can you contact the site owners with questions or share experiences with other patients?
  • Is it trying to sell you something?

Is the information accurate and trustworthy?

  • Can the information given be checked elsewhere, such as in independent medical journals?
  • Is it up to date? Websites can stay up for years!
  • Is it relevant to this country?

The weblink will tell you something about the source - and are government and NHS websites, are UK universities and colleges.

Our Internet Safety page has more information. This helpsheet has information on checking health related news stories.

Translated Health Information

If you are looking for information on health in different languages, this list of helpful websites has been produced by the team behind Health Information Week, from 2025 held in the third week of January.