Trees and blue sky

Solihull Forestry Team is responsible for managing trees on land owned by the Council within roads, parks and open spaces. Solihull Community Housing (SCH) have the responsibility for the management of trees on SCH land. The Forestry Service provides advice and guidance to SCH about how trees are managed.

Trees within gardens or on private land are the responsibility of the property owner. If you are facing issues due to a tree on a neighbouring property, we encourage you to have a friendly conversation with either your neighbour or the property owner to resolve the matter together. 

Report a Tree 

You can use this form to report an issue with a tree located on the highway or within a park. 

Report an issue with a tree

  • If a tree on Solihull Council owned land is an immediate danger or causing a health and safety risk, please call us on 0121 704 8000
  • If the tree you wish to report an issue with is on Solihull Community Housing Land, please call 0121 717 1515
  • If your enquiry relates to a tree located on private property or is part of a hedge line, please contact the landowner.
  • If the tree you wish to report an issue with is on school land it is the responsibility of the individual school. You can find contact details for Solihull schools on our webpage.
  • If the tree is on the embankment area of the A45 or a motorway you should report a problem with Highways England.
  • are potentially hazardous. We will investigate any trees that are a danger to people or property
  • are affecting public access or highway safety. We will cut back overhanging branches that are a risk to pedestrians
  • have vegetation growing around their base. We have an annual programme (from May to September) to cut back growth at the base of trees
  • are a trip hazard. We will make safe a trip hazard caused by the growth of Council owned trees
  • are recently leaning or leaning for a period of time 
  • are moving at the roots
  • have hanging and split branches
  • have roots or cracks appearing
  • have split
  • are dead or diseased
  • blocking the public highway 
  • touching a property
  • have been implicated in damage to property 
  • to stop leaves falling on the ground. We do not prune or cut down Council owned trees to prevent leaf fall or to clear leaves from private properties - this is a natural process in autumn and trimming trees will not prevent it  
  • to cut them back to increase light to a property.  We do not prune or cut down Council owned trees to improve natural light, including for solar panels. There is no legal right to light.
  • to reduce the height of tall trees if they seem overgrown. This type of work could potentially damage the tree longer term and cause further issues.
  • due to honeydew. We do not prune for honeydew or sap, this is a natural substance that does not damage cars 
  • We do not prune for fallen fruit, berries, nuts, or seeds from Council trees.  We also have no policy to remove trees with poisonous fruit or foliage (such as yew trees), however where it is suspected to be a risk we will investigate
  • due to birds nesting, roosting or fouling. Nesting birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (and other related wildlife law)
  • due to the TV signal being blocked. Trees only get pruned if overhead cables are taught. If you are affected by a poor signal, you should speak to your provider for help
  • due to pollens and allergens 
  • with overhanging branches. You can trim branches that overhang your property, but before undertaking any work you should check whether the tree has a tree preservation order (TPO).
  • where roots are found in drains. This is usually due to another problem, for example, a broken pipe
  • that are swaying. Trees naturally sway in the wind. If you do have serious concerns please call 0121 717 1515

Before you consider doing any work to a tree you should find out if it is protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or are within a Conservation Area.  If the tree is protected, you will need consent by making an application or give notice to the Council.

To request work to a tree please call us on 0121 704 8000.

During times of high demand it can take:

  • up to 3 months to inspect a tree; and
  • a further 3 months for any identified work to be completed.

We prioritise work on trees that are causing a health and safety risk.

The Forestry Team are the experts and after inspection will determine whether work is necessary and level of priority. 

If you are not physically able to maintain your garden yourself, you can contact the Family Care Trust on 0121 770 2005 or 07977 934 813. They can give you a quote to undertake gardening works on your behalf or alternatively, you can make your own arrangements.