Occupational therapy assessment

Your Shared Care record

We are about to start using a confidential Shared Care record that allows local health and social care professionals to see residents’ information, where it’s needed for their care. This will affect adults who receive care and support services and who consent to their data being shared.  

An occupational therapy assessment can help you stay independent and provide information and advice about housing adaptations and equipment to help at home.

Our Community Advice Hubs can help you understand what an occupational therapy assessment is and what happens during an assessment.

Assessing the support you need

You can request an assessment by contacting our Solihull Connect Adult Social Care team:

If you have difficulty understanding, remembering or using information, or have difficulty getting your point across, you may want to use an advocate. An advocate is someone who can help you be heard, represent you and support you with your assessment. 

Your occupational therapy assessment

If you are eligible, an occupational therapist will visit your home to assess your needs. The occupational therapist will talk to you about your health and wellbeing and observe you carry out some of your daily activities such as moving around your home, taking any medication and getting to the bathroom.

If you do not agree with the assessment

If you do not meet the national eligibility criteria, the Adult Social Care team will:

  • provide you with information and advice on what support is available
  • discuss services which you can pay to receive
  • explore ways that you might find money to pay for them
  • introduce you to the Solihull Directory