Your care and support plan

If you need help from adult social care, you can ask for an:

Once we've completed your assessment, you will be provided with a care and support plan.

Our plan will show what:

  • is important to you
  • things you can do to live well and stay well
  • care and support you might need from others
  • support you need to care for someone if you are a carer

Your local Community Advice Hub can explain assessments and planning to you in person.

You can contact the hubs by:

Care and support planning

To ensure that good care and support planning helps you, it is important that you are involved at every stage of the process if you are able to.

This is known as person-centred care and support or personalisation. Personalisation should allow you to have the choice and control over:

  • how to meet your needs
  • when you meet your needs
  • who provides your care and support

To ensure your care and support plan continues to work for you in the best way, we will work with you to review the plan regularly.

Support planning for carers

If you have eligible needs as a carer, your support plan will be created to outline how they will be met. This may be by providing services to the person you care for, to you, or to both of you.

Your plan will be reviewed regularly to ensure it is working in the best way for you and the person you care for.

If you would like help with your carer's support plan, you can ask someone you trust to be involved in the process. You could ask a friend or trusted family member, or can seek help from:

Help with your care and support plan

If you need help to plan your care and support, you could ask a friend or member of your family to help. You can also seek help from our Community Advice Hubs.

An advocate can also help you if you find it difficult to understand your care and support plan.

Older people can contact Age UK Solihull for support and advice.