Fee rates, invoice and payment schedules

Our care fee rates and how to pay an invoice.

Solihull Council Care Fee Rates 2024/25

Care type Standard Solihull Council rate
Care at home £24.44 per hour
Care at home low density areas (specific postcodes only) £25.36 per hour
Care at home sitting service £23.00 per hour
Older adult residential care £743.47 per week
Older adult residential care home (Dementia) £844.20 per week
Older adult nursing care home £826.70 per week (excluding FNC*)
Older adult nursing care home (Dementia) £920.85 per week (excluding FNC*)
Direct payment PA Rate £16.68 per hour

*NHS-funded nursing care (FNC)

On 7 March 2024 the Government announced the following:

  • rate paid to care homes for NHS-funded nursing care (FNC) to rise by 7.4% for 2024 to 2025
  • standard weekly rate per person eligible for FNC will increase from £219.71 to £235.88 from 1 April 2024

Invoice payments

Our weekly hours invoice template sets out the information we require to enable us to make payments for home care. The template is available for your use to submit your payment requests to us or as a guide for the information required in your invoices.

Care homes with and without nursing

Payment of care home placements with and without nursing will be made via scheduled payments. Providers are not required to submit an invoice for payment.

Variations to care packages

Where there is a variation in the care provided, please notify us by submitting a variation form.

Tell us about a variation to care

Where a permanent change to the care provided is required, this will only be agreed following a review. To requests a review please email ccadults@solihull.gov.uk or call us on 0121 704 8007.