Leaving your home due to domestic abuse

If you are thinking of leaving home due to domestic abuse, there are options available depending on your situation.

If you are in danger, you should call 999.

Find a council home

Our council housing service is managed by Solihull Community Housing.

Find a home with Solihull Home Options

If you’re at risk of harm and need to move out of where you live, call the Home Options Team on 0121 717 1515 and select 'option 2' to talk to someone.

If you’re at risk of being homeless

If you’re homeless or at risk of homelessness help is available.

Our homelessness page tells you who you need to contact.

If you have a domestic abuse support worker, they can help you make a homelessness application or do this on your behalf.

Housing advice

Whatever you want to do, there are organisations that can give you advice and help.

If you need to leave your home, remember to take essentials with you such as.

  • money
  • bank and credit cards
  • driving licence
  • mobile phone
  • family photographs
  • birth certificates
  • change of clothes
  • passports/visas
  • keys
  • child's favourite toy
  • medicines

You may need somewhere safe to stay, either alone or with your children.

Finding a refuge 

Refuges provide somewhere safe for people and their children to stay and think about what to do next.

Refuges accept women with and without children and there are refuges which cater for the needs of certain groups, for example Jewish or Asian women.

Refuges provide emotional and practical support. For example, they may help you with benefit claims, which solicitors to use and, if necessary, how to contact the police.

Refuges for women

If you're a woman you can contact:

Helpline staff will tell you which refuges have spaces. They are also happy to answer questions.

Refuges for men

If you're a man, you can contact the Men's Advice Line.

Moving to privately rented accommodation

If you decide to go into privately rented accommodation, you are unlikely to be able to arrange it quickly - but it could be an option if you have time to plan your departure.

Our renting from a private landlord page provides useful advice about what to do before you rent a property.

If you want to stay at home, you could get legal protection to keep the abuser away.

Stay in your own home - Solihull Sanctuary Scheme

Solihull Sanctuary Scheme is a multi-agency approach to help survivors of domestic abuse stay in their homes and prevent them from becoming homeless. A range of property security improvements are offered alongside specialist support.

What is the scheme?

The scheme is aimed at survivors of domestic abuse who are:

  • living in Solihull
  • not living with the perpetrator
  • wanting to remain in their home

Our Sanctuary Scheme leaflet provides more information.

Register your interest

You can register to join the scheme using the Housing Jigsaw customer portal.

If you are a professional and would like to refer a customer please use the Housing Jigsaw ALERT.

Call Solihull Community Housing on 0121 717 1515 or email saferhomes@solihull.gov.uk for more information.

The police can take several actions against the person who is abusing you.

This can include:

  • removing the abuser and placing them on a 28-day pre-charge bail (released with restrictions before they may be charged) or on post-charge bail (the police station after you've been charged. This means being charged at a police station before being released from custody until the first court hearing)
  • keeping you safe if you have non-molestation orders and injunctions, which can protect you and any relevant child from violence or harassment from your abuser
  • asking for a Domestic Violence Protection Notice or Order, that can prevent your abuser from returning to your home for 28 days