Prevention and pre-court

We help children and young people avoid becoming involved in anti-social or offending behaviour.

The aims are:

  • to help young people at an early stage so they can stay on track in the future
  • to make sure the right agencies work together to best support your family
  • to address any underlying symptoms for their behaviour

Referral criteria

Requests for involvement can be made by any agency for a young person meeting the below criteria.

Young people between the ages of 8 to 17 who:

  • are already offending but who have not been arrested or charged


  • are engaging in anti-social behaviour and
  • are exposed to four or more of the following risk factors
    • sibling or child of known offender
    • living in a deprived household
    • inconsistent parental supervision
    • parents/carers failed to show care
    • difficulties with educational provision
    • not using leisure time constructively
    • associating with pro-criminal peers
    • engaged in reckless activities
    • impulsive
    • easily bored
    • lacks understanding of the consequences of own actions

Request support

You can use our multi agency form to make a referral.

Request support

Children and young people who are referred for support are assessed to find out what support they need. We will contact the parent/carer and referrer to arrange a home visit and begin the assessment process which will help to identify a plan. 

We will tell you if the the case does not meet the criteria.