Volunteering opportunities with Solihull Youth Justice Service

Within Solihull Youth Justice Service we offer two volunteering opportunities, either as an appropriate adult or youth offender panel member.

We are looking for volunteers of all ages and backgrounds to be involved in a new way of dealing with young offenders, which will repair the harm done and prevent further offending.

Do you have:

  • patience, good judgement and objectivity
  • commitment and reliability
  • good listening and communication skills
  • ability to relate to young people

If you would like to apply for either of these roles please fill out the application form.

Volunteer application form

Most young offenders aged between 10 and 17 who are convicted by the courts for the first time and plead guilty will be given a Referral Order, unless the charge is so serious as to warrant custody.

Under this new order, the court will refer the young person to a youth offender panel, made up of two trained volunteers from the youth offending service, trained in working with young offenders.

Talking to the youngster, the parents or guardians and the victim of the crime, the panel will agree a tailor-made contract aimed at putting things right.

This might include:

  • a letter of apology to the victim
  • removing graffiti
  • cleaning up estates and communities

The programme will also include activities to prevent further offending, such as getting young people back into school and help with alcohol or drug abuse.

Volunteer application form

The YJS undertake recruitment for volunteers on an annual basis, where an extensive training programme will be undertaken before starting your role as a panel volunteer.  

When we receive your completed form and start the annual recruitment process, we will contact you to check your availability to attend training and undertake relevant recruitment checks involving references and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Whenever the police detain a child or young person (aged 10 to 17), or interview them as a voluntary attender, they must inform an appropriate adult as soon as is practicable and ask them to attend.

The appropriate adult’s role is to protect the interests of the child or young person. Their responsibilities include:

  • promoting the emotional and physical well being of young people
  • advising detained children or young people
  • ensuring that interviews are conducted properly and fairly
  • facilitating communication between a child / young person and the police

This will clearly be supported by a comprehensive training package and assistance from the youth crime officer.

Volunteer application form