eNewspapers FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions about Solihull's eNewspapers service.

All UK national daily and Sunday papers are included in PressReader and Newsbank, apart from:

  • The Times, Sunday Times, Sun and Sun on Sunday – these are included in full on our Newsbank service but not PressReader
  • The Financial Times – Newsbank also includes these, but only after 30 days is up.

Even though they are not available in printed form, the Independent and Independent on Sunday are available in both PressReader and Newsbank.

We do not choose the titles included in PressReader or Newsbank. You may find other eMagazines in our eMagazine service through Libby, but we aren’t able to suggest titles to our suppliers.

Most national and local papers are available on the morning of publication. There may be slight delays to others and longer delays for some countries' papers depending on availability and the local situation, eg areas hit by war.

Back issues are available for a range of intervals from a fortnight to three months. An archive of articles is available in Newsbank, searchable by subject and going back considerably further.

UK Press Online has an archive of the Daily and Sunday Express issues in full back to 1900 plus some World War 2 papers.

You can also view the British Newspaper Archive in libraries, using our computers with your library card, or on your own device using our wifi. This is a searchable archive of historical local newspapers with the full images available.

You can do this in the PressReader app, as you can set up to receive new issues automatically, and then retain them. They are held only on the device you are using and if the data from the app is deleted, you cannot get the issues back.

Yes, in the web version. Any prints will show a watermark underneath to indicate they were done from a library subscription, with the name of the library showing, to prevent breaches of copyright.

The PressReader app and website have built-in screen readers that enables you to listen to a voice reading the page or article out - click on the Listen button. You can also zoom in and out of the newspaper image and also view individual articles in a different format to the way they are shown in the newspaper or magazine so they can be viewed more clearly.

There is a Translate option in the PressReader menu, which allows for a selection of languages. In addition, Google Translate will let you copy and paste text and translate from and to over 100 languages.

Yes, you can print and also email articles.