Safety Advisory Group

Three people walking through Solihull

Solihull Council coordinates the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), which meets regularly to consider large scale events or events that are likely to have a significant local impact. The Safety Advisory Group is made up of representatives from Solihull Council and the emergency services plus other parties as appropriate.

The following documentation is required before a Safety Advisory Group meeting can be held. You can use your own format for these documents and the templates are provided to either use for your event, or as a guide to what is required.

SAG meetings

The dates of our SAG meetings for 2024 are:

  • Wednesday 24 April
  • Wednesday 22 May
  • Wednesday 26 June
  • Wednesday 24 July
  • Wednesday 28 August
  • Wednesday 25 September
  • Wednesday 23 October
  • Wednesday 27 November