Who we are and what we do

Organisational information, structure, locations and contracts.

Council Constitution
  • Articles of constitution
  • Details of the Council and committees
  • Terms of reference of committees/bodies
  • Standing orders - procedure at meeting
The Constitution of the Council
Functions that are responsibility of executive
Financial regulations
Code of practice for the procurement of works
Codes of conduct for members
Schedule of payment for members allowances Members' Allowances
Council Democratic Structure
Any further information not included in the constitution about the decision making bodies of council and their role
Organisational Chart
  • Outline of responsibilities and names of directors
  • Staffing structures of directorates and divisions
Location and Opening Times of Council Properties
Solihull Connect Walk in centres and Opening times
Other Council Properties
Currently Elected Councillors' Information and Contact Details
Names, positions on council, how they can be contacted
Contact Details for all Customer Facing Departments
Contact us Contact Us
Most Recent Election Results
Results of most recent elections for councillors on the council Elections - publishing results
Results of other elections conducted in the area Local MPs
Relationship with Other Authorities
Partnership arrangements
Local Authority Services Provided by a joint or combined authority
Relationship with central government departments
Passenger Transport Authority
Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Monitoring Officer