Direct payments

Direct payments could be available if you or the person you care for receive help from us to pay for your care. They are used to pay for non-residential services you choose that help you meet your assessed care and support needs.

Direct payments can be made to:

  • disabled people aged 16 or over (with short or long-term needs)
  • disabled parents for children’s services
  • carers aged 16 or over (including people with parental responsibility for a disabled child)
  • elderly people who need community care services

Direct payments can be used for:

  • personal care
  • help at home
  • equipment to keep you independence
  • support to take carer's break
  • employing someone to help

Direct payments cannot be used for:

  • paying for Solihull Council services
  • paying relatives living with you
  • paying for your permanent home

Before you receive direct payments you will need to open a separate bank account.

Prepaid card for direct payments

You can get a prepaid card if you already receive direct payments. If you are a carer, or if you manage direct payments for someone else, you can also have a prepaid card.

To request your card:

The benefits of a prepaid card include:

  • You cannot spend more money than you have so you will not go overdrawn
  • You do not need to open a separate bank account
  • You can check your balance and spending online, on the phone or by post
  • You can choose someone you trust to help manage your account

Managing your direct payment

If you choose to have a direct payment you are responsible for managing your personal budget. This means that you will have to provide us with information about how you have spent your money.

You will need to send details every 3 months, including:

  • copies of your bank statements with notes explaining any transactions
  • other supporting paperwork such invoices and receipts

If you use a prepaid card you will not have to send copies of bank statements, but you will have to send other supporting paperwork such as invoices and receipts or upload them directly to the prepaid website.

Help managing your direct payments

If you need help to manage your direct payments, and how you manage your money, a trusted family member, a close friend that you meet up with regularly or your trusted carer may be able to help.

Someone you trust may be able to:

  • jointly receive your direct payments and help you use the money to pay for your care and support needs
  • manage your money on your behalf as a Power of Attorney

You can also give permission for your direct payments to be managed with the help of a care and support organisation.

We work with Age UK Solihull to provide a Direct Payments Support Service.

If you need advice you can also visit our Community Advice Hubs.