Environmental sustainability and waste management

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We expect you to embrace the positive impact of holding a sustainable event and have a clear plan on waste management.

Environmental sustainability

In keeping with the Council’s motto ‘urbs in rure’ (town in the country), Solihull’s natural environment is one of its greatest features. Preserving nature and improving biodiversity plays a vital role in the fight against climate change.

Solihull Council also has a Net Zero Action Plan (NZAP). Achieving ‘net zero’ carbon emissions means the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted is balanced out (or offset) by the carbon that is removed from the atmosphere.

A sustainable event is one that considers the environment and works to reduce any negative impact it may have.

You can reduce your events carbon footprint by doing simple things, such as:

  • recycling
  • saving water

To make your event more sustainable, you can work out the environmental  impact of your event and consider which areas are the least eco-friendly.

Waste management

You are responsible for assessing the risks associated with storage, handling or use of waste and should introduce effective ways to avoid or control these risks.

All waste must be taken away at the end of your event and the site must be left clean and tidy.

You can arrange to link in with local litter picker group for keeping the site clear and/or hire in bins or skips for the collection of rubbish.