Events licensing

DJ playing music

You may need a licence for your event if you want to:

  • sell alcohol
  • have regulated entertainment
  • have traders selling goods or food

Applications must be made within statutory timescales or consultation periods.

If the site has a premises licence

If the site already has a premises licence, it is the responsibility of the organiser(s) to decide if the required licensable activities and times are covered by the premises licence as well as ensuring that the premises licence also covers any area(s) that are identified where the licensable activity will be taking place.

If that is not the case, an application for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) would be required.

Animals at events

If the event involves the performance or exhibitions of animals, then you would require a ‘Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition’ licence would be required.

These are issued by the Local Authority where the animals are kept.

You will need to provide evidence of a licence and a full risk assessment.